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21 October 2010 @ 09:00 pm
No Interest in K-music before SS5O1  

is the first band that I love it so much in 2006, but I known Korean music in 2005 like TVXQ and a lot but I didn't have interest in Korean music until I saw SS5O1 from those days my crazy days started. I love their voice and style. After I saw this guys I just want all the time to listened to them and to another bands and singers. Also I want know a lot about their culture, language, watch more drama and movies. eehhhhhh there is no words in the whole worlds can explain what I feel to this group. Finally thanks SS5O1 for let me know you guys. For me there is no band in the whole worlds can stole my heart like SS5O1 from 2006 until now.
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